Wednesday, September 14, 2011

 England's Medieval Festival

Two weeks ago I participated toEngland's Medieval Festival in Herstmonceux near London. I regularly sell books in Finnish medieval fairs and it was very interesting to participate on one abroad for the first time.

The festival turned out to be quite different from the ones in Finland. Allthough the number of visitors was roughly the same as in the two largest Finnish medieval fairs there seemed to be more reenactors and traders, of which surprisingly many were foreign, probably some 20-30%. It was especially nice to meet some traders from Sweden and Estonia.

It was extremely interesting to get to sell the Magic Songs in a live event for a first time and chat up with the customers, which I really love in market events. It was bit problematic to have just a single title for sale, but it worked out allright.

The fair was a fun experience and im definitely going back next year. By then I should have 2-3 more books ready and plan to participate also to other medieval, folk and pagan festivals in UK. I would love to hear some recommendations if you know a good one :)

This trip was also my first to Sussex countryside which turned out to be very picturesque.

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