Sunday, June 5, 2011

 PBFA and ETC antiquarian bookfairs in London

I just returned from the two bookfairs held at Russell Square bags full.

The ETC fair held in Royal National Hotel turned to be a great place for buying books. It had maybe some 50 stalls. The stock was quite diverse and prices very low.

I had planned to buy just a couple of books since I have to carry them all the way back to Finland but there was just too many great finds. Especially one seller with a 50% discount had all kinds of goodies. Here's some listings:

The Spectator, 1717. Articles and writings on all kinds of topics. Half of the title page is missing, price 2£.

The Bee, or literary weekly intelligencer, 1792. Also interesting when I want to read something completely random. 2£.

A solicitor's accounting book from year 1884, leather bound, folio size and almost empty. I have been looking for one like this for making some notes. 24 £.

D. B. Updike: Printing Types - Their history, forms and use I-II, 1962. This is a very useful set for my publishing work since it has many old typeface samples. Price 6£.

The Ingolsby Legends, 1887. Great illustrations. 5£.

Godfrey Golding: The Book of Good Devices. Interesting early self-help book. 2£.

Bliss: A History of Wood-Engraving, 1928. 120 illustrations. 4£.

He also had a lot of Baedeker's travel guides for 4£ each.

After the ETC fair I went to PBFA book fair just few hundred meters away. This fair is very different from the ETC fair as the books are very selected and priced accordingly. The fair is held in the marvelous Russell Hotel built in 1898 and has a great atmosphere.

I didn't do any more buying, but got tons of new ideas. This is what i really love in expensive fairs. You don't need to buy anything, but still get something much more valuable. I especially investigated some old illustrations and typefaces I could use for future projects.

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