Thursday, May 5, 2011

 Nuuksio National Park

Last week we went to the Nuuksio National Park for two nights. We had rented a cottage there, and it felt really good to get there after the long winter. It's finally spring here in Finland also, but there was still some ice around.

I spent most of the second day trekking around the national park. In total I visited 6 lakes of which none I had seen before. I walked around for some 4 hours and never heard any human sound except for a few airplanes.

The terrain in the park is really diverse with plenty of rocky hills, swamps and dozens of lakes. I just counted 8 lakes in an area of just 1 square kilometer!

In Nuuksio there are two public cottages that can be rented for just 60 euros a night. They house 6-8 people and are both in great locations beside lakes. Neither has electricity or road connection, so they're also good for getting a break from the modern world. We visited them both once last summer for the first time.

It's amazing how Nuuksio is just a little over 30 minutes drive from the center of Helsinki. This summer I plan to visit there a lot, together with Sipoonkorpi, another National Park on the eastern side of Helsinki that starts from just 15 minutes walk away from where I live.

It was also a perfect place to try out my new hammock.

And oh yes, the first book of the Pagan Archive series is finally at printing press and should be ready in 3 weeks. I will write more about that in the next few days, and the website should be up in a week :)


Anonymous said...

wow! looks so inspiring! L♥ve the hammock!!!

Kirjaltaja said...

Mmm me too, just got it, it was soo relaxing to lay on it after trekking around for hours. It has a mosquito net too so when the nights get a bit warmer I will sleep in it in a nearby forest :)

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