Sunday, May 29, 2011

 The Magic Songs has arrived from the printing press!

The books finally arrived from the press on the other day. This is the first time I have used gold- and blind-stamped (artificial) leather binding on a book, so it was a really exciting moment to open up the first box. This combination turned out to work marvelously. I'm really happy with the results. It seems now that most of my future books will follow similar style.

More pictures will be provided later on when I get to borrow a better camera and do some photo shooting.

It will be a joy to pack a suitcase full of these and head to London in a few days :)


Nicolas said...

Great Share

Cheap print said...

Wow, great article, I really appreciate your thought process and having it explained properly, thank you!

large printing said...

This book looks marvelous. I love the Black and Gold cover.

bristol printing said...

I actually bought a cheap reprint of that book a couple of years ago (it’s like a literal reprint of what it looked like when pubished back in the 1800′s so it doesn’t have the best print etc). I’m pretty sure that it’s the same book you’re talking about (my copy is on Amazon under the title The Pre- and Proto-historic Finns, both Eastern and Western: With the Magic Songs of the West Finns (volumes 1 and 2) by John Abercromby).

data protection said...

I love the combination of colors black and gold on the book's printings. The company that printed and manufactured this book must have an excellent printing and scanning facilities.

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