Saturday, April 2, 2011

 Antiques Fair in Bleiswijk

Today I visited an antiques fair in Bleiswijk and it turned out to be the best antiques fair I have seen so far. The quality of stock was good and there was plenty of it with the fair's 250 stalls. The prices were also very low.

The most wicked thing I bought from the fair was this skillfully carved skull of a horse from Borneo. I have never seen one like it before so had to buy it even though it turned out to be quite a farce to carry it around the city. Horses have big heads. On top of that the post offices are closed tomorrow so I have to carry it again tomorrow to Amsterdam.

Kalevala Koru is the largest jewellery company in Finland. Most of their jewels are reproductions of prehistorical archeological finds. It was fun to see one of the sellers having good number of them for sale. I bought these viking age buckle and Ukonvasara, or hammer of Ukko, the Finnish god of thunder. These amulets were worn in pagan times same way people were crosses today, and they were believed to hold protective powers.

These metal clasps are always needed when presenting books, but they're surprisingly hard to find.

This fly-themed ash tray was fun so I bought it even though I don't smoke.

The most interesting group of items on the fair were krysses, Indonesian ritualistic daggers. I got interested of them few years ago but haven't found them for sale before. Indonesia was a Dutch colony for 300 years which explains why they seem to abound here.

I need to order a few books on them and look more into them. Unfortunaly I ran out of cash so didn't get to buy any just yet. The age of the krysses at the fair stretched between 50-150 years, but one collector who sold his spare krysses had even two 800 year old krysses in his personal collection.

I also heard today that in the next weekend there's a massive antiques fair with some 2000 stalls in Utrecht, but unfortunaly I have my flight back home just few days before. Need to visit it November or next spring.

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