Sunday, March 27, 2011

 Eurantica Antiques Fair at Brussels

I've been in Brussels for two days now and on friday I visited a flea market at place du jeu de balle and Eurantica antiques fair. The flea market had mostly junk, but prices were also low. I didn't find anything interesting there.

Eurantica art and antiques fair on the other hand was very interesting to visit. Allthough most of the items were the usual paintings and pieces of style furniture some of the 250 vendors had more unusual items for sale.

Kunst-und Wunderkammer Peter Wachholz had a very interesting selection of curiosities for sale. Among stuffed head of a tiger and some dried lizards there was a quite large (around 10cm) crystal ball made of rock crystal. All esoteric shops have their glass balls for sale, but I hadn't seen a rock crystal ball of this size before. It's a pity the age and origin of the ball was unknown. The price was 450 euros.

On the paintings a contemporary artist Dino Valls and turn-of-a-century artist Jean Deville caught my eye. Need to look further into their works later on.

In the fair there was only one bookseller, but with a very interesting selection. Barcelona-based M. Moleiro publishes luxurios facsimile-editions of old illuminated manuscripts. Editions are limited to 987 copies and quality of craftmanship is great. They even use gold dust to finish the illuminations. In my books I aim for the feeling and techniques of old books so it was very interesting to see what kind of solutions they use.

Especially interesting was Splendor Solis, an alchemical manuscript owned by British Library. Need to look more into it later on.

Yesterday I visited TEFAF art fair, I'll write a post about it in few days.

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