Wednesday, November 3, 2010

 At the Helsinki Book Fair

The 10th Helsinki book fair was held last week. I had a stand there and it turned out to be very lively 4 days. We were also able to get out two new books just before the fair which was fortunate.

Most of my sales go through internet and I always enjoy seeing the customers face to face on those few live sales events I attend to. It was especially interesting to get to chat with Antti P. Balk from the Thelema Publications LLC. He's been selling books to UK and America for years and he always has good advices to share.

My stand was at the antiquarian section of the fair. There were some 50 stalls this year, of which only 2 were abroad (Sweden). I didn't really do that much buying this year, these days I tend to buy only particular books im looking for and it's easiest to find those online.

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