Monday, September 20, 2010

 Antiques Hunting Trip to Paris

17-18th century ancestral skulls from Papua New Guinea. Photographed on my last trip on March 2010.

I have tomorrow a flight to Paris where it's once again the time for the National Antiques and Ham fair (Foire Nationale à la brocante et aux jambons). I visited it first time last March and found it to be a true treasure trove with it's over 700 antique dealers.

On my trips I search especially for esoteric, occult, pagan, spiritual or other religious antiques. Particularly I have been trying to find some esoteric statues. I also collect wall textiles and book related antiques.

In the weekend there will also be Numicarta-fair which has 80 dealers on numismatics, postcards, photographs and other collectables. I will go see if I can find some old esoteric photographs or ancient Greek and Roman coins. I particularly collect holed coins that show some indication of being used as amulets.

And of course I will also be visiting the world's largest flea market in Saint Ouen (also called Clignancourt), where among the 2500 antique stalls are also the two dealers who specialize in esoteric antiques.

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